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Caring for children of all ages


At Crossways Health Centre, we realise the importance of children’s health and we provide full GP Paediatric cover. This means we care for your child from birth through to a young adult. As part of a comprehensive paediatric service, we always do our best to see a sick child on the same day you contact us.


As well as care for acute and chronic illnesses, we offer childhood immunisations at all stages as determined by the national guidelines and Medicare.

These include:

  • 6-week old health check and immunisation
  • 4-month old immunisation
  • 6-month old immunisation
  • 12-month old immunisation
  • 18-month old immunisation
  • 4 year old immunisations
  • any catch-up immunisations

Please bring your child’s Blue Book along to any consultation for your baby, and to all immunisation visits so that details can be recorded.

Primary school children

Our doctors are available to help diagnose and treat any illnesses or health needs your child encounters. Acute conditions such as febrile illnesses or gastroenteritis, and also chronic conditions such as asthma, can all be assessed and managed through our centre.

If your child has missed any scheduled immunisations, catch-up immunisations can be given if necessary.

If you’re concerned about your child’s mental health, we encourage you to discuss this with one of our doctors. Some mental health issues, such as anxiety, can be common during childhood, but have a more positive outcome if they are addressed early. If your child suffers a problem such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or behavioural issues thought to be related to mental health problems, they may be eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan. This covers most of the cost of subsequent referrals for psychological assessment and intervention. Please talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about the mental or physical health of your child.

Dr Barry Earp has a special interest in Cystic Fibrosis and is able to discuss any concerns you may have about diagnosis and treatment of this disease.


The teenage years can be turbulent in some cases, and our doctors can offer support to both parents and teens through this period. Issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and sexuality issues are commonly seen in this age group. We ask you to encourage your teenager to get to know their doctor, so they become more confident to discuss their concerns freely.

Whether your teenager needs a referral, a Mental Health Care Plan or just the chance to sit and discuss a problem, a visit to your doctor can be very helpful.

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