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At Crossways Health Centre, we offer various Care Plans and Health Assessments that are available through Medicare to eligible patients. These are generally bulk-billed, and may help you access other Medicare rebates.

Our current health assessments and plans include:

45-49 year old Health Assessments

Health assessments for patients in their mid to late 40s are available to anyone who may be at risk of chronic illness in the future. These assessments will go through your health risks and family history and identify any risks that can be minimised by lifestyle changes or medical intervention.

The aim is to prevent chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease that may result in a stroke or heart attack. We also want to identify anyone with a higher risk of certain cancers so we can be especially vigilant into the future. These health assessments are bulk billed.

75+ year old Health Assessments

These are available for anyone aged 75 or over and are usually done once every year or two. At the start of the assessment, you’ll be seen by one of our nurses, Debbie, Domoneque or Jennie.

You’ll then see your doctor who will finish the assessment and complete the general check of your overall health. These assessments are bulk billed. Between the nurse and the doctor, over an  hour is allocated, so we can do it thoroughly, care for you as a whole person, and make sure we are not missing anything.

Chronic Disease Management Plans

Chronic Disease Management Plans are available to patients with certain conditions such as diabetes, severe arthritis and stroke, who have had these conditions for 6 months or more and who need two or more health providers as well as their GP for their ongoing care.

These plans allow us to nominate one or two appropriate Allied Health providers for your condition, such as a Podiatrist, Physiotherapist, Dietitian or Exercise Physiologist. You’ll then be eligible for 5 visits per year to be paid for by Medicare, although in some cases there will be a gap payment.

The plans require longer appointments, as patients who are eligible will have complex care needs. Please speak with your doctor to see if you are eligible for the plans. The Management Plans can be repeated 12 months after the date of your current plan, and can be reviewed in the meantime if your condition changes. These Management Plans are bulk billed.

Mental Health Care Plans

Mental Health Care Plans can be prepared for patients with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

A long consultation is required to assess your eligibility for the plan and to construct the plan. As part of this plan, a referral can be made for eligible patients to see a psychologist or approved counsellor with a Medicare rebate.

Initially the plan covers 6 visits, but following a review, another 4 can be approved within a 12-month period.  The plan can be reviewed if there is a significant change to your condition, however Medicare usually gives a rebate for a maximum of 10 psychologist sessions per year. There will be a gap payment for many of the psychologists’ visits.

These plans can be prepared for adults, children and teenagers with mental health problems or behavioural issues related to mental health problems. Your appointment to formulate the plan is bulk billed.

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