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Appointments are available at the surgery in short, standard and long time slots depending on your needs. If you have multiple issues to discuss or something that may need a more in-depth assessment (such as mental health issues, post-natal checks, non-specific symptoms, complex issues, or relationship problems), please ask for a longer appointment. Care plans and health assessments usually need a longer appointment time, so please let our receptionist know if this is what you require.

Appointments can be made online:


or by phoning the clinic on 4384 7200

New patients

We welcome new patients to our clinic and encourage you to visit us if you are new to the area or looking for a better level of care. As a new patient, you’ll be allocated a longer appointment for your first visit to allow time for a thorough check through your history as well as deal with your current health needs.

Home visits

If you are too unwell to attend the clinic for an appointment, home visits within a 5km radius of the clinic can be arranged when necessary. Please phone to book a home visit as early as you can during surgery time, so the doctor can fit your visit in when time is available. This is normally at lunchtime or after working hours.

Nursing home visits

Nursing home visits can be arranged for patients in Tarragal House, Tarragal Manor, Woodport Aged Care Plus Centre and Nareen Gardens. Our doctors visit these facilities regularly, but we regret we cannot take on patients in other institutions.

Prescriptions and referrals

If you require a referral to another health professional, an appointment is legally required even for an ongoing referral or a known condition. Repeat prescriptions are also best done during an appointment so we can monitor your progress and alter the management of your medication if necessary.

Consultation fees

We are a privately billing practice, and therefore your consultation will incur a fee on most occasions. However, we keep our fees as low as we can manage, while still providing an exceptional and professional medical service.

Bulk billing is available for children under 16, DVA patients and for selected situations as determined by the doctors.

Payment options

Payment for your consultation needs to be made before you leave the clinic. We accept payments via EFTPOS as well as cash.

If you have given your bank details to Medicare, we can process your claim electronically and the Medicare rebate for your consultation will be transferred to your bank account within 24 hours.

Appointment reminders

Please contact the clinic as early as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment or need to reschedule.


The results of any tests you have had will be sent to your consulting doctor. We will contact you if there is any area of concern and you need to be notified, or if you need to make a follow up appointment. If you would like to know the results of any of your tests, please call the clinic to make an appointment to go through the results with your Doctor. Results will not be sent to you via email or fax.

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